JLPT N2 – Grammar list

Grammar form
51ちっとも〇〇ない chitto mo-nai(not) at all; (not) a bit; (not) in the least; (not) in the slightest
52ものなら mono naraif I (we, etc.) could
53もっとも motto momost; extremely
54としても toshitemoeven if …; even supposing that …
55つつある tsutsu aruto be doing; to be in the process of doing
56ざるを得ない zaru o enaicannot help (doing); have no choice but to; am compelled to; am obliged to; it is incumbent upon (me) to
57得ない enaiunable to…; cannot …
58からには kara niwanow that; since; so long as; because
59ことにはならない koto niwa naranaiit is not going to be something
60ものだから mono dakarathe reason for something
61に伴って ni tomonatteas; because; with; due to
62及び oyobiand; as well as
63と同時に to douji niat the same time as; while; as well as (multiple roles)
64ところを見ると tokoro o miru toBy observing .., judging from …
65ということだ to iu koto daI’ve heard that …; rumour has it that …
66何も〇〇ない nani mo -naithere is nothing
67たまらない tamaranai, te tamaranaiirresistible; tremendous; cannot help (doing);
68ばかり bakarionly; merely; nothing but; no more than
69いよいよ iyoiyomore and more; all the more; increasingly
70ことだから koto dakarabecause situation A is something, B is such situation
71ことに koto niespecially; particularly; unusually; above all
72ものの mononobut; although
73につき ni tsukibecause of; on account of
74にも関わらず nimo kakawarazuin spite of; nevertheless; although; despite; no matter the; regardless of
75たまえ tamaeplease …
76反面 hanmenon the other hand; opposite side; reverse
77かえって kaetteon the contrary; rather; all the more; instead
78何も〇〇ない nani mo-nai.. not .. anything (e.g. : “何も望んでいない”, “I do not wish for anything”)
79直ちに tadachi niat once; immediately; directly; in person; automatically
80〇〇ていては te ite waIf ones keeps doing something, something will definitely happen
81こそ koso, te kosofor sure (emphasize preceding word)
82というふうに to iu fuu ni(doing something) in the way of
83をめぐって o meguttein regard to; concerning (usu. of disputes)
84せめて semeteat least; at most
85〇〇てまで te madeWhatever the situation, ones would not do something if he or she has to do something shameful
86よほど/よっぽど yohodo / yoppodovery; greatly; much; to a large extent; quite
87きっかけに kikkake niwith … as a start; taking advantage of; inspired by
88だけに dake nigiven that … it is only natural that …; … being the case, it is unavoidable that …; (precisely) because …; as might be expected (from …)
89もかまわず mo kamawazuwithout caring about something
90もの / もんではない mono / mon dewa naisomething is not the subject, this is not such situation (e.g.: “well, this is not the subject”, “this is not a situation where ones should do something”)
92より yorithan
93ないことには nai koto niwaunless (you do something)
94とも(に) tomotogether with
95かねる / かねます kaneru / kanemasuto be unable to; to find difficult (unpleasant, awkward, painful) to do
96ことか koto kaoften used when ones is facing a surprising situation and he or she can not do anything regarding it (e.g. : “そういう事か”)
97ないではいられない nai dewa irarenaifeel compelled to; can’t help but feel; can’t help but do
98にわたって ni watattethroughout; over a period of …; over a span of …
99てならない te naranaiunable to resist; unable to suppress
100要するに you suru niin short; in a word; to sum up; to put it simply; to make a long story short; after all
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