JLPT N2 – Grammar list

Grammar form
101からすると kara suru to
102からいうと kara iu toin terms of; from the point of view of
103かぎり kagirilimit; limits; bounds
104にしろ ni shiro, ni shiro-ni shirothough; even if; whether … or …
105〇〇だけましだ dake mashi da(even in a bad situation) we can still enjoy something; the situation could be worse if we did not have something
106に応じて ni oujitedepending on; dependent on
107に際して ni saishiteon the occasion of; at the time of
108せいか sei ka(good) result; outcome; fruits (of one’s labors); product; accomplishment
109それなのに sore na noniand yet; despite this; but even so; but even then; however; nevertheless; for all that; notwithstanding that
110他ならない hoka naranai, ni hoka naranainothing but; none other than
111抜きにして nuki ni shiteleaving out; cutting out; dispensing with; without
112以上は ijou not less than
113に越したことはない ni koshita koto wa naiit’s best to; it’s safest to; there’s nothing better than
114ところだった tokoro dattawas about to do something
115ことにすると koto ni suru toperhaps; maybe; possibly
116に先立ち ni sakidachibefore
117を除いて o nozoiteexcept; save
118というもの to iu mono, to iu mono dasomething like …; something called …
119ものがある mono ga aruto be the case that
120と考えられる to kangaerareruto be conceivable that; to be thinkable that
121わずかに wazuka nislightly; only; barely; narrowly
122ともかく tomokaku, wa tomokakuanyhow; anyway; somehow or other; generally speaking; in any case; be that as it may
123だけは dake waat least …; at least not (when followed by a negative)
124どうやら dou yarapossibly; apparently; (seem) likely; seemingly
125ことなく koto nakuwithout accident; uneventfully
126に沿って ni sottealong; parallel to; in accordance with
127の下で no moto deUnder (someone or something)(e.g. : “being taught under someone”)
128ようは you waTo put it simply, ..
129果たして hatashiteas was expected; just as one thought; sure enough
130一応 ichioumore or less; though not quite satisfactorily; after a fashion; pretty much; roughly; so far as it goes
131全く〇〇ない mattaku -naireally; truly; entirely; completely; wholly; perfectly
132なお naostill; yet
133その上 sono uein addition; furthermore
134とっくに tokku nilong ago; already; a long time ago
135〇〇でしかない de shika naido not worth less than, is nothing less than
136どうせ douseanyhow; in any case; at any rate; after all; at all; no matter what
137それにしても sore ni shitemonevertheless; at any rate; even so; all things considered; be that as it may
138というものではない to iu mono dewa naiIt is not particularly about … (an object, a situation, a topic) (it is more about the meaning this action have towards someone)
139〇〇ずに済む   -zu ni sumuEnding without having to do ..
140に関わる ni kakawaruto be affected; to be influenced
141かのように ka no you nias if; as though
142からして kara shiteeven; for starters
143〇〇ては tewaIt is good to do something, but it could bring negative effects
144よりほかない yori hoka naito have no other choice than ..
145とすると to suru toif we make …; if we take …; if we assume …
146お〇〇願う o -negauTo ask for, to request politely
147中でも naka demoamong (other things); especially; particularly; inter alia; above all (else)
148逆に gyaku niconversely; on the contrary
149ままに mama nias (e.g. “do as one is told”, “as we age we gain wisdom”); wherever (e.g. “wherever my fancy took me”)
150ねばならない neba naranaihave to do; must; should; ought to; close to なければならない
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