JLPT N2 – Grammar list

Grammar form
151に加えて ni kuwaetein addition
152次第 shidaidepending on
153そう言えば sou iebawhich reminds me …; come to think of it …; now that you mention it …; on that subject …; so, if you say …
154ということは to iu koto wathat is to say; so that means
155に相違ない ni soui naiwithout doubt; certain; sure; close to に違いない
156geseeming; giving the appearance of; giving one the feeling of
157いわゆる iwayuruwhat is called; as it is called; the so-called; so to speak
158せっかく sekkakuwith trouble; at great pains
159そうすると sou suru tohaving done that; if that is done; if it is done in that way
160てばかりはいられない te bakari wa irarenaiOnes cannot stand being always facing a given situation
161〇〇ようではないか -you dewa nai kaIs it not a good time to do .. ?
162上では ue de wa, no ue de wafrom the viewpoint of; according to
163ちなみに chinaminiby the way; in this connection; incidentally; in passing
164次第に shidai nigradually (progress into a state)
165〇〇ようか〇〇まいか -you ka-mai kaShall I .. or should I .. ?
166ものか mon kaas if (something untrue were actually true); like hell (e.g. “like hell I will”)
167だけあって dake atte… being the case; (precisely) because …; as might be expected from …
168からこそ kara kosoprecisely because
169に限って ni kagitteparticularly; only; in the case of
170ところに tokoro nion the moment ones is about to do something
171に決まっている ni kimatte iruto be fixed; to be determined; to be common; to be destined
172に向かう ni mukauprior to (an event, a task)
173だけのことはある dake no koto wa arunot … for nothing; not … with nothing to show for it; worthwhile
174だって datteafter all; because
175いきなり ikinariabruptly; suddenly; all of a sudden; without warning
176もんだ mon da“well, that’s the situation”
177に基づいて ni motozuitebased on; on the basis of
178のももっともだ no mo mottomo danaturally, ..
179なくはない naku wa naiIt is not completely impossible that something happen/occur
180にあたって ni atatteon the occasion of; at the time of
181のみならず nominarazunot only … (but also); not merely; as well as
182やら〇〇やら yara-yaradenotes uncertainty
183あるいは aruiwaor; either … or
184一方で ippou deone (esp. of two); the other; one way; the other way; one direction; the other direction; one side; the other side; one party; the other party
185かねない kanenaiquite capable of …; could happen; not unlikely to
186抜く nukuto pull out; to draw out; to extract; to unplug; to weed
187しかも shikamomoreover; furthermore
188〇〇てでも te demoEven if ones have to do something (being determined to do something by all means)
189とか(で) toka deand the like; such as; among other things; and so on
190つつ tsutsuwhile
191にも関わらず ni mo kakawarazu, ni kakawarazuin spite of; nevertheless; although; despite; no matter the; regardless of
192もとより moto yori, wa moto yorifrom the beginning; from the first; all along; originally
* indicates required