JLPT N2 – Vocabulary list

This is a vocabulary list including words that are required for passing the JLPT N2 exam.

For each word, additional details and explanations are provided in a separate ‘study page’. You could find there examples helping you to use words in a practical context in order to be able to use it in your daily life.

In order to access a study page, please feel free to click on the line corresponding to the word you are willing to study.

It is never easy to memorize hundreds of words, but always remember that you will be proud of yourself when your exam results will reach your mail box. Let’s dive into the vocabulary little by little, at your own pace. The important is to have fun while doing it and to never give up ! Good luck !

1少数 shousuuminority; few
2安価 ankalow-priced; cheap; inexpensive
3争う arasouto compete; to contest; to contend; to quarrel; to argue; to dispute; to be at variance; to oppose
4あっという間 attoiumaa blink of time
5直立 chokuritsustanding upright; standing straight
6長方形 chouhoukeirectangle; oblong
7抽選 chuusenlottery; raffle; drawing
8動機 doukimotive; incentive
9動作 dousaaction; movements; motions; bearing; behaviour; behavior; execution; actuation; operation; manners
10外観 gaikanoutward appearance; exterior appearance; outward show; looks
11学費 gakuhituition; school expenses
12学年 gakunenacademic year; school year
13頑丈 ganjousolid; firm; stout; burly; strong; sturdy
14hakucounter for nights of a stay
15反感 hankanantipathy; antagonism; animosity; revulsion; ill feeling
16発送 hassousending; forwarding; shipping
17働き手 hatarakiteworker; breadwinner; supporter; able person; able man; productive worker
18発言 hatsugenstatement; remark; observation; utterance; speech; proposal
19返金 henkinrepayment
20日当たり hiatariexposure to the sun; sunny place
21一方的 ippoutekione-sided; unilateral; arbitrary
22事例 jireiexample; precedent; case
23寿命 jumyoulife span
24充実 juujitsufullness; completion; perfection; enhancement; improvement; enrichment; upgrading
25輝き kagayakibrightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter
26開催 kaisaiholding
27各自 kakujieach
28格安 kakuyasucheap; reasonable
29活字 katsujiprinting type; movable type; printed text; print
30活躍 katsuyakuactivity
31気を落とす ki o otosuto be discouraged; to be disheartened
32緊張感 kinchoukanfeeling of tension; air of tension; tension; nervousness
33根気 konkipatience; perseverance; persistence; tenacity; energy
34高品質 kouhinshitsuhigh quality
35向上 koujouelevation; rise; improvement; advancement; progress
36小売 kouriretail
37講座 kouzacourse
38繰り返し kurikaeshirepetition; repeat; reiteration; iteration; refrain; cycle; repeatedly
39急病 kyuubyousudden illness
40持ち出す mochidasuto take out; to carry out; to bring out from where it belongs; to mention something; to broach a topic; to bring up
41木製 mokuseiwooden; made of wood
42目的地 mokutekichiplace of destination
43能率 nouritsuefficiency
44覚え書き oboegakimemo; memorandum; note
45補う oginauto compensate for; to supplement
46遅れ okuredelay; lag; postponement; falling behind
47大手 ootemajor company; big company
48了解 ryoukaicomprehension; consent; understanding; agreement
49接続 setsuzokuconnection; attachment; union; join; joint; link
50車窓 shasoutrain window; car window
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