JLPT N3 – Grammar list

Grammar form
51ものだから mono da karathe reason for something
52確かに tashika nisurely; certainly
53仮令〇〇ても tatoe-temoeven if; no matter (what); if; though; although; supposing; supposing that; -ever
54わざと wazatoon purpose
55あまり amariremainder; remnant; rest; balance; surplus; remains (of a meal); leftovers
56向け mukeintended for …; oriented towards …; aimed at …
57べきではない beki dewa naishould not; must not
58一度も ichido mo(not) even once; (not) ever
59に反して ni hanshiteagainst; contrary to
60において ni oite / ni okeruin; on; at (place); as for; regarding
61によると ni yoru todepending on ..
62を込めて o kometewith all (“my love”, “my heart”, “my feelings”, etc..)
63とたん totanjust (now, at the moment, etc.); just as; in the act of; as soon as; at the moment that
64というのは to iu nowameans; is
65ようとしない you to shinaito not try to ..
66代わりに kawari niinstead of; in place of; as a substitute for
67おかげで okage dethanks to …; owing to …; because of …
68すなわち sunawachithat is; namely; i.e.
69ように you niin order to (e.g. meet goal); so that; take care (so as)
70chuu / juuin the middle of ..
71一度に ichido niall at once
72こそ kosofor sure (emphasize preceding word)
73ということだ to iu koto da / to no koto dathat is to say ..
74すればするほど sureba suru hodothe more you do (it), the… (e.g. “the more you drink, the better it tastes”)
75か何か ka nani ka.. or anything
76っぱなし ppanashikeep …-ing; have been …-ing; leaving (something) on; leaving (something) still in use
77というより to iu yorirather than
78は〇〇で有名 wa-de yuumeiis famous for ..
79どうしても doushitemoby all means; at any cost; no matter what; at any rate; surely
80じゃない janaiis not; am not; are not
81っけ kkeparticle indicating that the speaker is trying to recall some information
82ことから koto karafrom the fact that …
83そのために sono tame nihence; for that reason
84ようがない you ga naithere is no way that ..
85ずにはいられない zu ni wa irarenaifeel compelled to; can’t help but feel; can’t help but do
86いくらでも ikurademoas many as one likes; as much as one likes; any amount
87なぜなら nazenarabecause; the reason is; if you want to know why
88にかわって ni kawattein exchange of ..
89たものだ ta mono dawell, that’s true that ..
90てはじめて te hajimetethis is the first time that “I” had something since ..
91ても始まらない temo hajimaranaieven if this is done, it would never start
92別として wa betsu toshiteother than; except for; aside from; apart from; save for
93ようとする you to suruto try to ..
94ほど hodoextent; degree; measure
95ほど〇〇ない hodo -nainot to the extent of .., not as much as ..
96なかなか nakanakavery; considerably; easily; readily; fairly; quite; highly; rather
97にかけて ni kaketetill; to; over (a period); through (e.g. Monday through Thursday); about (approx. time or place); on
98最中に saichuu ni(in) the middle of; (in) the midst of; (in) the course of; (at) the height of
99とみえる to mieru /to mieteit could look like ..
100とおりに toori niavenue; street; way; road
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