JLPT N3 – Grammar list

Grammar form
101とは限らない towa kagiranainot necessarily so; is not always true
102あげる ageruto give to someone, to do something for someone (verb + te ageru)
103ところで tokoro deby the way; incidentally
104nadoet cetera; etc.; and the like; and so forth
105に違いない ni chigai naithere is no doubt that ..
106て済む te sumuit ends with ..
107といい to ii /tara iiit would be fine if ..
108ついに tsui nifinally; at last
109ば〇〇ほど ba-hodoplace; spot; space
110一方だ ippou daone (esp. of two); the other; one way; the other way; one direction; the other direction; one side; the other side; one party; the other party
111ぐらい kurai / guraiapproximately; about; around; or so
112には ni wato; for; on; in; at
113でさえ de saeeven
114といっても to ittemoalthough I say; although one might say; although called
115わけではない wake dewa naiit does not mean that …; I don’t mean that …; it is not the case that…
116ばかりで bakari deonly (in a negative meaning)
117だけど dakedohowever
118まるで maru dequite; entirely; completely; at all
119に比べて ni kurabetecompared to ..
120さらに sara nifurthermore; again; after all; more and more; moreover; even more
121しばらく shibarakufor a moment; for a minute
122ついでに tsuide niincidentally; taking the opportunity; while (you) are at it; on the occasion
123べき beki dashould; must; that one ought to; to be done
124ことはない koto wa naithere is no need to …
125むしろ mushirorather; better; instead
126に対して ni taishitetowards; against; regarding; in contrast with
127について ni tsuiteconcerning; regarding
128っぽい ppoi-ish; -like
129ばよかった -ba yokattait would have been nice if ..
130切る kiruto go through something (often used with the verb “やる” (e.g. : やりきる, to go through something, to finish something once for all) )
131直す naosuto correct
132すでに sude nialready; too late
133てごらん te goranlook at (that)
134てもしょうがない temo shou ga naieven if something is done, there is nothing ones can do
135と共に to tomo nitogether with; as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)
136結果 kekkaresult; consequence; outcome; effect
137くせに kuse niand yet; though; when; in spite of
138んだって ndatte.., that she/he said !
139たて tatethe vertical; height
140しょうがない shou ga naithere’s no (other) way
141通す toosuto stick through; to force through
142にかけて kara-ni kaketetill; to; over (a period); through (e.g. Monday through Thursday); about (approx. time or place); on
143まさか masakaby no means; never!; well, I never!; you don’t say!; certainly (not)
144にしては ni shite wafor (e.g. “she dances well for an eight-year old”); considering it’s (something or someone)
145にとって ni totteto; for; concerning; as far as … is concerned; regarding
146せいぜい seizeiat the most; at best; to the utmost; as much (far) as possible
147あまりにも amari ni motoo much; excessive; too
148ごとに goto nione by one; each; every; at intervals of
149きり kirijust (e.g. : “一度きり”, just once)
150ないと naitoif .. is not, then ..
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