JLPT N3 – Grammar list

Grammar form
151なるべく naru bekuas much as possible; wherever practicable; if possible
152というと to iu toif one were to speak of …, then certainly; if it were the case that …, then certainly; if it were a …, then certainly
153つまり tsumarithat is to say; that is; in other words; I mean; that (this, it) means
154ぶり buri nistyle; manner; way
155切れない kirenaicannot completely … (because it is excessive)
156込む komuto be crowded; to be packed
157向き mukidirection; orientation; aspect; exposure
158てはいけないから te wa ikenai karabecause there is no way that .. could be
159ところが tokoro gaeven so; however; still; whereupon; even though; nevertheless; on the contrary; as a matter of fact; despite
160もちろん wa mochironof course; certainly; naturally
161だらけ darakefull of (e.g. mistakes); riddled with
162こと kotothing; matter
163めったに〇〇ない metta ni -nairarely; seldom
164にしても ni shite moeven if; even though
165際に sai niin case of; at that time; at this time
166さて satewell; now; then
167そうもない sou mo naiit’s not even that ..
168ために tame nifor; for the sake of; to one’s advantage; in favor of; in favour of; on behalf of
169てからでないと te kara de nai toit is not possible if .. is not done beforehand
170teki-ical; -ish; -ive; -al; -ic; -y; -like; kind of; sort of
171つもりだった tsumori dattait was intended to ..
172割に wari nicomparatively; relatively; pretty; rather
173ずに zuniwithout doing
174合う auto come together; to merge; to unite; to meet
175だけ dakeonly; just; merely; simply; no more than; nothing but; alone
176かける kakeruto hang up (e.g. a coat, a picture on the wall); to let hang; to suspend (from); to hoist (e.g. sail); to raise (e.g. flag)
177を中心に o chuushin nifocusing on ..
178をはじめ o hajimefor beginning, ..
179てばかりいる te bakari iruit is nothing but ..
180上に ue nion the top of .., in addition to ..
181ことは〇〇が koto wa-gathe fact that .. is ..
182 (の)でしょうか no deshou kawould
183わけがない wake ga naithere is no way that …
184ふりをする furi o suruto pretend
185がち gachiartistry; good taste; elegance; grace
186気味 gimi-like; -looking; -looked; tending to …
187わけだ wake dais supposed to be ..
188ずつ zutsuapiece; each
* indicates required