JLPT N3 – Vocabulary list

This is a vocabulary list including words that are required for passing the JLPT N3 exam.

For each word, additional details and explanations are provided in a separate ‘study page’. You could find there examples helping you to use words in a practical context in order to be able to use it in your daily life.

In order to access a study page, please feel free to click on the line corresponding to the word you are willing to study.

It is never easy to memorize hundreds of words, but always remember that you will be proud of yourself when your exam results will reach your mail box. Let’s dive into the vocabulary little by little, at your own pace. The important is to have fun while doing it and to never give up ! Good luck !

1馬鹿 bakafool, idiot
2地下 chikabasement, cellar
3知識 chishikiknowledge, information
4伝統 dentoutradition, convention
5dokupoison, toxicant
6服装 fukusougarments, attire
7防ぐ fuseguto defend, to protect
8否定 hiteinegation, denial
9豊富 houfuabundance, wealth
10訪問 houmoncall, visit
11衣服 ifukuclothes
12実行 jikkouexecution, practice
13自身 jishinby oneself, personally
14実習 jisshuupractice
15kaimeeting, assembly
16改善 kaizenimprovement
17kagobasket, cage
18髪の毛 kami no kehair
19刈る karuto cut
20火災 kasaiconflagration, fire
21仮定 kateiassumption, hypothesis
23近代 kindaipresent day
24考慮 kouryoconsideration
25配る kubaruto distribute, to hand out
26区別 kubetsudistinction, differentiation
27許可 kyokapermission, approval
28共同 kyoudoudoing together, joint
29共通 kyoutsuucommonness, community
30急に kyuu niswiftly, rapidly
31負け makedefeat, loss
32申し訳 moushiwakeapology, excuse
33虫歯 mushibacavity, tooth decay
34熱帯 nettaitropics
35日中 nicchuudaytime, during the day
36日光 nikkousunlight
37人数 ninzuuthe number of people
38述べる noberuto state, to express
39お喋り oshaberichattering, talk
40最高 saikouhighest, supreme
41satsunote, paper money
42知り合う shiriauto get to know
43沈む shizumuto sink, to go under
44shouchapter, section
45種類 shuruivariety, kind, type
46偶々 tamatamacasually, unexpectedly
47貯める tameruto save up
48単位 tan’iunit, denomination
49戦う tatakauto fight, to struggle
50停電 teidenpower outage, blackout
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