JLPT N4 – Grammar list

This page gathers a list of the main grammar structures in order to be able to pass the JLPT N4.

The most difficult with grammar, in comparison with the vocabulary or the kanji for instance, is to not only understand but also to be able to re-use the studied forms.

This is why you can click on any grammar form you would like to study more and a new tab will open automatically. From an other study page, the pronunciation, meaning and explanation of each grammar structure are provided. Example sentences are also available on each study page in order to be able to practice with real examples.

Grammar form
1質問+かい kaia way of asking someone something with a bit of sarcasm
2みたいな mitai nasomething like that; sort of like that; similar to that; in that vein
3ようだ you daseeming to be; appearing to be
4ていく te iku“I” will do + verb (future tense)
5baconditional form (“in the case ones ..”)
6ながら nagarawhile; during; as
7てもらう te morausomeone did something for oneself
8だけでなく dake de nakunot only … (but also); not just; as well as
9あまり〇〇ない amari-nainot much ..
10始める hajimeruto start; to begin; to commence; to initiate; to originate
11ことができる koto ga dekiruto be able (to); to be possible (to)
12〇〇くする ku surumake it .. (make it round : まるくする, cook it in a way that tastes good : 美味しく作る)
13まま mamaas it is; as one likes; because; as
14なければいけない nakereba ikenaihave to do; must; should; ought to
15ように・ような you ni / you nain order to (e.g. meet goal); so that; take care (so as)
16でございます de gozaimasube; is
17にみえる ni mieruit looks like ..
18さっき sakkia short while ago; a moment ago; just now; some time ago
19てほしい te hoshiiwanting someone to do something for me
20または matawaor; either … or …
21は〜が .. は wa-ga .. watopic marker particle
22ようにする you ni suru(following a verb) to be sure to; to do (something) so that …; to make sure to; to try to
23いたします itashimasuto do
24までに made niby; not later than; before
25など nadoet cetera; etc.; and the like; and so forth
26そんなに sonna niso much; so; like that
27toused for quotation and for expressing “that”/”which”
28全然〇〇ない zenzen -nai(not) at all; (not) in the slightest
29たがる tagaruto (seem) eager to; to want to; to be anxious to
30たら taraindicates supposition; if … then; when; after
31続ける tsuzukeruto continue; to keep up; to keep on
32はずだ hazu dabe supposed or expected to (do); be sure to (do); ought to (do)
33はずがない hazu ga naiit cannot be that…; it is highly unlikely that…; it is impossible that…
34てよかった te yokattaverb + te yokatta, “it is a good thing I did ..”
35〇〇がり garibeing someone showing high interest in .. (verb -ta+ gari)
36なければならない nakereba naranaihave to do; must; should; ought to
37になる ni naruit is as .., it has been decided that it would be .., it will be as ..
38たらいいですか tara ii desu kaindicates supposition; if … then; when; after
39かしら ka shiraI wonder
40にする ni suruto make something as ..
41そうに・そうな sou ni / sou nain the way of ..
42と思う to omouI think that ..
43ぜひ zehicertainly; without fail
44より yorithan
45間に aida niwhile; during (the time when)
47なら naraif; in case; if it is the case that; if it is true that
48させてください sasete kudasailet me carry .., let me do ..
49てくる te kuru“I am going to” do something (with the nuance that ones is going to be back soon from what he or she went to do)
50という to iucalled; named
* indicates required