JLPT N5 – Grammar list

This page gathers a list of the main grammar structures in order to be able to pass the JLPT N5.

The most difficult with grammar, in comparison with the vocabulary or the kanji for instance, is to not only understand but also to be able to re-use the studied forms.

This is why you can click on any grammar form you would like to study more and a new tab will open automatically. From an other study page, the pronunciation, meaning and explanation of each grammar structure are provided. Example sentences are also available on each study page in order to be able to practice with real examples.

Grammar form
1ちゃいけない cha ikenaimustn’t .. (similar to “じゃいけない”)
2ましょうか mashoukashall I?
3どうして doushitehow; in what way; by what means
4けど kedobut; however
5に/へ ni/eto (a place)
6たい taiwant to
7がいます / がいる ga imasu / ga iruthere is (for a living body)
8のです no desuthe expectation is that …; the reason is that …; the fact is that …; the explanation is that …; it is that …
9すぎる sugiruto pass through; to pass by; to go beyond
10ませんか masen kawon’t (hasn’t, isn’t, doesn’t, etc.)
11なぁ naahey; say; look
12お/ご o/go
13kaused as a question mark
14〇〇方が〇〇 -hou ga –A is more B (than something else)
15dein, with
16なる naruto become; to get; to grow; to be; to reach; to attain
17しかし shikashihowever; but
18ている te iruis .. -ing
19〇〇は〇〇より〇〇です -wa -yori -desu.. compared to .. is more ..
20はどうですか wa dou desu kawhat about .. ?
21どうやって douyattehow; in what way; by what means
22から karafrom (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity); since
23つもり tsumoriintention; plan
24にする ni suruto make something as ..
25にいく ni ikuto go for +verb-ing, to go + verb-ing
26でしょう deshouit seems; I think; I guess; I wonder
27まだ madastill; as yet; hitherto; only
28なくては nakute waunless; without
29nitowards (someone), to (someone)
30てもいいです temo ii desuit is ok to do ..
31ほうがいい hou ga iihad better
32のがじょうず no ga jouzubeing good at ..
33watopic marker particle
34〇〇より〇〇方がマシ -yori -hou ga mashiI would rather; I would as lief do; strong preference
35てから te karaafter .. is done
36じゃない janai / dewa naiis not; am not; are not
37けれども keredo mohowever; although
38woindicates direct object of action
39yoput an emphasis on the confidence ones have into what he or she is saying
40だろう darouseems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope
41なくてはならない nakute wa naranaicannot do without something; indispensable; absolutely necessary
42んです ndesuthe expectation is that …; the reason is that …; the fact is that …; the explanation is that …; it is that …
44がほしい ga hoshiiI want ..
45もう mounow; soon; shortly; before long; presently
46〇〇のなかで〇〇がいちばん -no naka de -ga ichibanamong .., .. is the best
47とても totemovery; awfully; exceedingly
48どんな donnawhat; what kind of
49〇〇たり〇〇たり tari-tari-ing and -ing (e.g. “coming and going”)
50いちばん ichibannumber one; first; first place
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