JLPT N4 – Vocabulary list

This is a vocabulary list including words that are required for passing the JLPT N4 exam.

For each word, additional details and explanations are provided in a separate ‘study page’. You could find there examples helping you to use words in a practical context in order to be able to use it in your daily life.

In order to access a study page, please feel free to click on the line corresponding to the word you are willing to study.

It is never easy to memorize hundreds of words, but always remember that you will be proud of yourself when your exam results will reach your mail box. Let’s dive into the vocabulary little by little, at your own pace. The important is to have fun while doing it and to never give up ! Good luck !

1bokuI, me
2中学校 chuugakkoujunior high school
3遠慮 enryoconstraint, restraint, modesty
4地震 jishinearthquake
5十分 juubunplenty, enough, sufficient
6消しゴム keshogomueraser
7国内 kokunaiinternal, domestic
8kyakuguest, visitor
9熱心 nesshinzeal, enthusiasm
10驚く odorokuto be surprised, to be astonished
11お祭り omatsurifestival, feast, carnival
12お見舞い omimaicalling on someone who is ill
13思い出す omoidasuto recall, to remember
14oyaparent, parents
15最後 saigolast, final, latest
16楽しみ tanoshimienjoyment, pleasure
17tenpoint, dot, spot
18店員 ten’inshop assistant, clerk
19伝える tsutaeruto convey, to report
20受付 uketsukereception
21輸入 yunyuuimport, importation
22文化 bunkaculture, civilization
23増える fueruto increase, to multiply
24複雑 fukuzatsucomplex, complicated
25昼間 hirumadaytime, during the day
26意見 ikenopinion, view, comment
27生きる ikiruto live, to exist
29火事 kajifire, conflagration
30決める kimeruto decide, to choose
31kotothing, matter
32壊す kowasuto break, to destroy
33教育 kyouikueducation, schooling
34負ける makeruto lose, to be defeated
35周り mawarisurroundings, neighbourhood
36二階建て nikaidatetwo-storied building
37落ちる ochiruto fall down, to drop
38贈り物 okurimonopresent, gift
39両方 ryouhouboth, both sides
40西洋 seiyouthe west, Western countries
41背中 senakaback
42世話 sewalooking after, help
43調べる shiraberuto examine, to investigate
44出席 shussekiattendance, presence
45素晴らしい subarashiiwonderful, splendid
46tanashelf, shelves
47止む yamuto cease, to stop
48案内 annaiguidance, leading
49布団 futonfuton
50ご馳走 gochisoufeast, treating
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