JLPT N1 – Vocabulary list

This is a vocabulary list including words that are required for passing the JLPT N1 exam.

For each word, additional details and explanations are provided in a separate ‘study page’. You could find there examples helping you to use words in a practical context in order to be able to use it in your daily life.

In order to access a study page, please feel free to click on the line corresponding to the word you are willing to study.

It is never easy to memorize hundreds of words, but always remember that you will be pride of yourself when your exam results will reach your mail box. Let’s dive into the vocabulary little by little, at your own pace. The important is to have fun while doing it and to never give up ! Good luck !

1文書 bunshodocument, writing, paperwork
2打撃 dagekiblow, shock, strike
3報酬 houshuuremuneration, recompense, reward
4移民 iminemigration, immigration
5依然 izenstill; as yet; as it has been
6持続 jizokucontinuation; persisting; lasting; sustaining; enduring
7傾ける katamukeruto incline, to lean, to tilt
8好意 kouigood will, favor, courtesy
9購入 kounyuupurchase, buy
10明瞭 meiryouclear; plain; distinct; obvious; evident; articulate
11理論 rirontheory
12設立 setsuritsuestablishment, founding
13視野 shiyafield of vision; view; one’;s outlook
14少数 shousuuminority; few
15募る tsunoruto grow violent, to become stronger
16余地 yochiplace, room, margin
17財政 zaiseipublic finance, financial affairs
18圧力 atsuryokupressure, stress
19挑戦 chousenchallenge, defiance, dare
20不当 futouinjustice, impropriety, unfair
21軍事 gunjimilitary affairs
22課題 kadaisubject; theme; issue; matter; homework; assignment; task; challenge; problem; question
23機構 kikoumechanism, organization
24競う kisouto compete; to contend; to vie; to contest
25強烈 kyouretsustrong, intense, severe
26理性 riseireason, reasoning power
27領域 ryouikiarea; domain; territory; field; range; region; regime
28戦闘 sentoubattle, fight, combat
29指示 shijiinstructions, directions, indication
30資格 shikakuqualifications; requirements; capabilities
31思考 shikouthought; consideration; thinking
32照明 shoumeiillumination; lighting
33奨励 shoureiencouragement, promotion
34勝利 shourivictory, triumph, win
35乏しい toboshiimeagre; meager; scarce; limited; destitute; hard up; lacking; scanty; poor
36増強 zoukyouaugment, reinforce, increase
37過ち ayamachifault, error, indiscretion
38独裁 dokusaidictatorship, despotism
39自覚 jikakuself-consciousness; self-awareness
40事前 jizenprior; beforehand; in advance; before the fact; ex ante
41監視 kanshimonitoring, watching, observation
42資金 shikinfunds, capital
43所有 shoyuuone’;s possessions; ownership
44染まる somaruto be dyed; to be tainted; to be infected; to be stained; to be steeped
45即座に sokuzaimmediately; right away; on the spot
46大衆 taishuugeneral public, the masses
47動き ugokimovement; move; motion; trend; development; change; fluctuation
48融資 yuushifinancing, loan
49絶望 zetsuboudespair, hopelessness
50貧乏 binboupoverty, destitute, poor
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