JLPT N3 – Grammar list

This page gathers a list of the main grammar structures in order to be able to pass the JLPT N3.

The most difficult with grammar, in comparison with the vocabulary or the kanji for instance, is to not only understand but also to be able to re-use the studied forms.

This is why you can click on any grammar form you would like to study more and a new tab will open automatically. From an other study page, the pronunciation, meaning and explanation of each grammar structure are provided. Example sentences are also available on each study page in order to be able to practice with real examples.

Grammar form
1結局 kekkyokuafter all; in the end; ultimately; eventually
2〇〇も〇〇ば〇〇も mo-ba-moif .. is .., then .. is too
3につれて ni tsureteas X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)
4たびに tabi nieach time; every time; whenever (something happens); on the occasion of
5例えば tatoebafor example; for instance; e.g.
6といえば to iebaspeaking of …
7よりも yorimoin comparison to
8ように見える you ni mieruit looks like ..
9ばいい ba iiit would be nice if ..
10難い gataidifficult; hard
11ことになっている koto ni natteiruto be scheduled to (do); to be expected to (do)
12に慣れる ni nareruto be used to ..
13しかたがない shikata ga naithere’s no (other) way
14ている場合じゃない teiru baai janaiit is not the moment to verb-ing
15つい tsuisuddenly
16わけにはいかない wake niwa ikanaicannot (due to external circumstances); cannot afford to; must not; impossible to; no way one can (do)
17ような気がする you na ki ga suru(I) think (that); (I) have a feeling (that); (I) fancy (that)
18ないことはない nai koto wa naithe probability of .. is not none
19つもりで tsumori deintends to ..
20別に〇〇ない betsu ni -nai(not) particularly; (not) especially; (not) specially
21だけでなく dake de nakunot only … (but also); not just; as well as
22いくら〇〇ても ikura -temo(it does not matter) how much .. (verb -te form + mo)
23決して〇〇ない kesshite -nai(not) ever; (not) by any means; (not) in the least; (not) in any way; (not) at all
24ながらも nagara mothough; notwithstanding; although
25に関する ni kan suru / ni kan shiterelated to; in relation to; as far as … is concerned
26によって ni yotte / ni yoruaccording to; by (means of); due to; because of
27を通じて o tsuujitevia
28わざわざ wazawazaexpressly; specially; doing something especially rather than incidentally
29ば〇〇のに ba -noniwhat a shame ! it would have been .. if
30ばかりでなく bakari denakunot only … but (also); as well as …
31もしかしたら moshika shitaraperhaps; maybe; perchance; by some chance; by any chance
32なんか nankathings like …; or something like that …
33さえ saeeven; if only; if just; as long as; the only thing needed
34さえ〇〇ば sae-baif only it would ..
35たって tatteeven if; even though
36途中で tochuu deon the way; en route; halfway
37として toshiteas (i.e. in the role of); for (i.e. from the viewpoint of)
38とても〇〇ない totemo-naivery not; awfully not; exceedingly not
39もしも moshimoif; in case; supposing
40にしたがって ni shitagattein accordance with; according to; as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)
41しかない shika naihave no choice
42それとも soretomoor; or else
43てもかまわない temo kamawanaihand; arm
44うちに uchi niamong
45上で ue deafter having ..
46どんなに donna ni-temohow; how much
47ふと futosuddenly; casually; accidentally; incidentally; unexpectedly; unintentionally
48一体 ittai(what) the heck; (why) in the world; (who) on earth
49なんて nantehow ..!; what ..!
50せいで sei debecause of .. (with the nuance of being the fault of someone or something)
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