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一方で (ippou de)

All JLPT 2 grammar : 一方で(一方で, ippou de), one (esp. of two); the other; one way; the other way; one direction; the other direction; one side; the other side; one party; the other party
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あるいは (aruiwa)

All JLPT 2 grammar : 或いは(あるいは, aruiwa), or; either ... or
JLPT - All grammar list

〇〇たら〇〇たで (-tara -tade)

All JLPT 1 grammar : 〇〇たら〇〇たで(〇〇たら〇〇たで, -tara -tade), it is fine wether there is A or B, it does not matter if A or B, A and B happened and no one could do anything
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たが最後 (taga saigo)

All JLPT 1 grammar : たが最後(たが最後, taga saigo), once ones starts A (, then he or she can not stop doing)
JLPT - All grammar list

たところで (ta tokoro de)

All JLPT 1 grammar : たところで(たところで, ta tokoro de), even in the case ones do A .. (B could not possibly happen)
JLPT - All grammar list

〇〇のやら〇〇のやら (-no yara -no yara)

All JLPT 1 grammar : 〇〇のやら〇〇のやら(〇〇のやら〇〇のやら, -no yara -no yara), ones is not quite sure if a situation is close to A or B
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