JLPT N4 – Grammar list

Grammar form
51ではないか dewa nai kaisn’t it?
52必要がある hitsuyou ga arunecessary; needed; essential; indispensable
53みたいだ mitai dait seems that
54おきに oki nirepeated at intervals; every other (day, week, month, …)
55終わる owaruto finish; to end; to close
56〇〇たばかり ta bakariones have just done ..
57と言われている to iwarete iruI am being told that ..
58ようと思う you to omou“I” am thinking “I” could ..
59づらい zuraidifficult to …; hard to …
60出す dasuto take out; to get out
61いらっしゃる irassharuto come; to go; to be (somewhere)
62かどうか ka dou kawhether or not (in phrases like “I don’t know whether or not I can come”)
63きっと kittosurely; undoubtedly; almost certainly; most likely (e.g. 90 percent)
64てくれる te kureruWould you do .. for me ? (familiar)
65てすみません te sumimasenverb + te sumimasen, sorry for having ..
66〇〇とか〇〇とか toka-tokaand the like; such as; among other things; and so on
67って tteyou said; he said; she said; they said
68じゃないか janai kaisn’t it?
69なさい nasaido …
70ということ to iu kotothat is to say; so that means
71aidaspace (between); gap; interval; distance
72に気がつく ni ki ga tsukuto become aware of ..
73させる saseruto make (someone) do
74てみる te miruto try doing something
75やすい yasuieasy to “do”
76〇〇がする ga suruit makes ..
77なさる nasaruto do
78らしい rashiiseeming …; appearing …
79てやる te yaruto do something for someone (very familiar)
80sadifference; variation
81〇〇が必要だ ga hitsuyou danecessary; needed; essential; indispensable
82ことがある koto ga aru(for something) to have occurred; to have done (something)
83そうだ sou dait seems ..
84ておく te okuto do something prior to something, to do something beforehand
85やっと yattoat last; at length
86でも demobut; however; though; nevertheless; still; yet; even so; also; as well
87急に kyuu niswiftly; rapidly; quickly; immediately; hastily; hurriedly
88ください kudasaiplease ..
89かもしれない kamo shirenaimay; might; perhaps; may be; possibly
90から作る kara tsukurumade with, made from ..
91みたいに mitai ni-like; sort of; similar to; resembling
92にくい nikuidifficult to (do something)
93それでも sore demobut (still); and yet; nevertheless; even so; notwithstanding
94ていただけませんか te itadakemasen kaCould you do .. for me ? (polite)
95ても temoeven if; even though
96と言ってもいい to ittemo iiyou could say; you might say; verging on the
97予定だ yotei daplans; arrangement; schedule; program; programme; expectation; estimate
98motoo; also; in addition; as well; (not) either (in a negative sentence)
99のに nonialthough; despite; even though; and yet
100てあげる te ageruto do something for someone (close to oneself)
* indicates required