JLPT N1 – Grammar list

Grammar form
51といわず to iwazuA and B without any distinction falls into the same category or situation
52からの kara noswitching from A to B
53並み namiaverage; medium; common; ordinary
54ことなしに koto nashi niwithout needing doing A
55くらいなら kurai nararather than (do …)
56までもない made mo naidoesn’t amount to doing (something); not significant enough to require (something); unnecessary
57が早いか ga hayai kano sooner … than …; hardly … when …; as soon as
58がてら gateraon the same occasion; at the same time; coincidentally; along with; partly (to do, for)
59ぐるみ gurumi(together) with; -wide; including
60からある kara aruat least
61かたがた katagatathey (of people); gentlemen (of the …)
62かたわら katawaraside; edge; beside; besides; nearby
63こそあれ koso arealthough
64〇〇だの〇〇だの -dano-danoand; or; and the like; and so forth; and what not
65であれ de areeven if
66まみれ mamirecovered with; stained; smeared
67ならでは nara dewadistinctive of; characteristic of; uniquely applying to; special to
68なり narior something; for instance … (though there are other suitable options)
69なりに nari ni/nari noin one’s own way or style
70なりとも nari tomoa bit, a little
71なしに nashi niwithout
72にあって ni attein; on; at; during; in the condition of
73にして ni shiteonly; just because
74そばから soba karaas soon as; right after
75手前 temaebefore oneself; in front of one; nearby
76というか to iu kaor perhaps I should say; or more precisely; or, how should I put it; or rather
77とみられる to mirareruto be believed to; to be expected to; to be feared to; to be poised to; to be considered to; to be likely to
78となると to naru to/to narebawhen it comes to …; where … is concerned
79思いきや to omoikiyacontrary to expectations; or so we thought, but …
80とされる to sareru… is considered to …
81〇〇ようと〇〇まいと -you to -mai towithout any consideration of neither A nor B
82わけがない wake ga naithere is no way that …
83〇〇のやら〇〇のやら -no yara -no yaraones is not quite sure if a situation is close to A or B
84たところで ta tokoro deeven in the case ones do A .. (B could not possibly happen)
85たが最後 taga saigoonce ones starts A (, then he or she can not stop doing)
86〇〇たら〇〇たで -tara -tadeit is fine wether there is A or B, it does not matter if A or B, A and B happened and no one could do anything
* indicates required